Introduction of Corporate Officer

Motoichi Adachi

Corporate officer of China Asia Media Corporation
Representative director of Motoichi Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
Director of Brainmax Co., Ltd.

A broadcast writer also known as “A man of 200% audience rating” in TV industry.
His first novel “Love Game” was dramatized by TV Asahi, and his picture book
“Sokkies~Mystery of Balance Scale of the Goddess” was turned into animation
and televised by NHK.

His representative composing-planning programs includes:
“SMAP x SMAP”, “Dancing Samma Palace”, “Thanks to Everyone, Tunnels”,
“We Ain’t Messengers of A Kid”, “Doraemon”, etc.

The 42nd Galaxy Award Grand Prize for “ A Journey of Wind Instrument Music”
2007 United Nation Film Festival for Peace Special Award for “ One Night, A Single Letter”
The 49th International Emmy Award for “Comaneci University of Takeshi”, etc.

Senior Adviser

Hideto Tomabechi

Born in 1959 in Tokyo. Cognitive Scientist (computationalnlinguistics, functional brain science, cognitive psychology, analytic philosophy). Computer Scientist (distributed processing, discrete mathematics, artificial intelligence, cyber security). He received Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University, (in USA) in 1993. He is currently a Fellow at CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University. CyLab is a world center for research in cyber security and cyber war defense.

He also is a Principal Investigator for Cognitive Research Laboratories in Tokyo. He also heads Dr. Tomabechi Works. He holds a Endowed Chair Professor position at Nankai University (China). He also is a Japanese Representative of the U.S. public service cooperation “The Better World Foundation” and the Japanese representative of the U.S. educational institute “TPI International”.

He was a Fulbright Scholar at Yale University (USA) from 1985 to 1987. During that time, he was a member of Department of Computer Science, Cognitive Science Project and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Yale.

After having returned to Japan, he has successively filled various post such as an associate professor of Tokushima University, the director of Justsystem Corporation Basic Research Institute, the representative director of Justsystem Corporation Pittsburgh Research Institute, a technical adviser of Information Processing Council of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Obtained his post as a technical adviser of Information Processing Council of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, representative researcher of 1997 Advanced Information Processing Project of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: “Design and Implementation of Net Mobile Enhanced Next Generation Dynamic Object-Oriented Computer Architecture” (9情技応No 837),representative researcher of 1998 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry pioneering contents market preparation project “ Development of Upgrading Environment of Distribution and Re-use, which implements Charging Money on Using”(MNCA-2005), the representative researcher of 1999 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry actual proof project of pioneering intellectual system: “Verification Project of Next Generation Generic Net Mobile On-line Supermarket” (11情報開・実第128号、2-2-103)、representative researcher of 1999 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Promotion Project of Home Computilization etc., “ Next Generation Dynamic Distributed Shared VM Style Home Server System” (情技応1317号)、“ Committee Member of a Ministry of Education field research, Genom Computer Science Acceleration ”, representative researcher of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Foundation Provision Project of “Next Generation CRM Advertisement Distribution”, representative researcher of 2002 Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications’ Strategic Intelligence and Communication Research and Development, “Research and Development of Next Generation P2P Style Contents Circulation ( a 3 year project until 2004).

At present, as a member of advisers of Lou Tice, the world authority of personal-development, he is arranging an next generation youth education program “PX2” and professional development program “TPIE” which include results of latest cognitive science research in the U.S., and Japan.

His publications include: “You Are Brain-Washed by Common Sense”(Yamato Shobo Publishing), “Make The Concession-Obsessed Silent “(Kodansha Publishing), “Why Are We , the Economic Giant Poor?”(Forest Publishing), “Technology To Create An Overwhelming Value: Gestalt Maker”(Hikaru Land Publishing), and many others. (150 single author books.)

Hideto Tomabechi Official Site
Dr.Tomabechi Blog
About PX2
About TPIE
Cellular Official Site

Masao Yajima

He has launched out many popular works as a scriptwriter and original author of comics(manga). He has a rush of orders of script writing from many TV stations such as TV Asahi and TBS. He has his own scenario school, “ Masao Yajima Script Writing School".

His script writing works includes: “Unknown, Poor, and Beautiful”, “At the Forefront Of the Special Criminal Investigation”, “Izu Dancer”, “Exciting! Female Office Worker’s Street”, “A Cool School Teacher Story”, “Love is Never Having to Regret", “Big Wing", “300 Million Yen Robbery Case--The Last Mystery of the 20th Century”, “ Every Rain Will Stop Someday”, etc.

His original work for comics (manga) includes: “Human Crossroads" ( a work which made 20millon copy sale, TV dramatized, made into a motion picture, and animated TV Program), “Ryu”, “A Shutter”, “P.S. Rashomon”, “SORA,! A Flight Attendants’ Story", and many more.

His literary works includes “Face~The Only One I Remember in the World", “Mystery~To My Pure Women”

Qi Wang

Shareholder and CEO of Peking Flag Up Culture Co., Ltd.,supervisor of Chinese Famous Visual Effects
As a motion picture producer, he has produced many movies and PR films.

His representative works:
Super 4D motion picture for Shanghai International Exhibition “A Dream of Petroleum”, a motion picture “Tibet over the Sky”, shown at Tibetan pavillion of Shanghai International Exhibition., PR films such as “PR Film for Peking City”, In 2008, “Railways of China”, “Peking Station”.
Motion pictures “Politics of Jogon Era”, “Call for Love”