Address 6-001, 22 International Art Plaza, Pingod, 32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100022

Peking Flag Up Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. It is an organization which shows the individual character of companies and cities at their best and design them into cultural brands. In corporation with China Film Group Corporation and General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China, they have the ability to broadcast and distribute pictures.

Peking Flag Up Culture Co., Ltd., having received support fund from government of Peking City as National Business of Designs, is making an effort to promote cultural design using images in order to make the company brands popular. 5 years later. they founded a subsidiary, PEKING FLAG UP YUANYING DIGITAL CENTER CO.,LTD, providing all the funds in Shandong. In corporation with Japanese and American companies, they use the latest technology of the world. Their aim is to become the largest company in Chinese film industry with highest technology. Their staffs are all excellent and professionally talented at planning, producing, advertising, and managing field. Their domestic Chinese members include top promoting staffs of special effects films and authors of animation films. They also have talented foreign ( American, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese) staffs of motion pictures and TV program productions. As they have first class engineers and experienced staffs, they have been requested to produce many works from home and abroad, achieving remarkable results as pre-post production dealing from movies to dramas.

Contents of Business

  • Independent planning, scenario making, motion picture market development, motion picture and drama production.
  • Project business promotion, advertisement planning・production, and product placement. Advertisement and distribution of motion pictures and dramas.
  • Human resource developments of post production at digital center.
  • Import and export of motion pictures and dramas, and introduction of technology by foreign business partners mainly in Tokyo, Japan and New York, USA.

  1. Planning, shooting, and producing motion pictures and dramas.
  2. Advertising agent of motion pictures and dramas, production and distribution of PR films.
  3. Planning of TV programs, production of VFX (motion pictures and dramas), production of 3D animation films.
  4. Planning and management of large scale events.
  5. Planning, shooting, production of large scale PR films.
  6. Planning and shooting of 3D and 4D motion pictures.
  7. Management of entertainers.
  8. Human resource development of CG・VFX.
  9. Import and export of cultural products.

Core Staffs of the Production Team and Their Representative Works in the Past

3D Motion Picture Technical Adviser: Charlotte Huggins (USA)

A professional of 3D motion picture production, said to be the world’s most experienced person of the 3D picture.

Representative work: “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D”“Fly Me To the Moon 3D”, etc.

3D Production Adviser: Digital Dimension (Canada) Specialty: VFX

Representative Work: “Red Cliff”,“Die Hard”

3D Production Adviser: Red FX (Canada)

Specialty: Production of 3D background and the image of the sea by 3D.

Representative work: “Red Cliff” “Monster under the Sea ”, “Die Hard 4D” etc.

Production Manager: Tiffany Wu (Taiwan)

Representative works: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, “Red Cliff”, “Die Hard 4”,“Pirates of Caribbean 2,3”, etc.

Motion Film Producer: Qi Wang

Representative works: 4D motion picture for the Shanghai Grand International Exhibition “Dream of the Petroleum”, PR film for Tibet at the Shanghai Grand International Exhibition, “Tibet over the Sky”. “2008 PR Film for Peking City”,“Politics of Jogon Era”, etc.

Line Producer and Visual Effect Supervisor: Ge Chu

Representative works: “Red Cliff” 1”, “The Forbidden Kingdom”, etc.

Line Producer and General Producer: Boliang Chen

Representative works: “Red Cliff”, “Innocent World”, “Yuan Ming Yuan Park”, etc.

Motion Picture Director: Ke Li

Representative works: “A Bicycle for the 17 Years Old”, “Cherry Love Through the End”, etc.

TV Director: Ruiyu Huang (Taiwan)

Representative work: The most popular super variety program in China,“Trap of Love”, etc.

Art Director: Miao Li

Representative works: “Lovers”, “Great Earthquake in Tang Shang”, etc.


Address 12th Floor, Tower C, Shandong Digital Entertainment Plaza, University of Science and Technology Park, Changqing District, Jinan, Shandong, (China)250300

Peking Flag Up Yuang Digial Science & Technology Centre Co., Ltd. mainly produces VFX specialized in special effects and develops human resources. At present, their main work is converting 2D films into 3D, mostly monumental ones, using Roto Painter, wire erasing, and keying techniques.

Their company site at present is as large as 3,000 square meters, with 200 employees and 80 interns, though they aim to possess 5,000 square meters site and 1,200 employees in the near future.

Peking Flag Up Yuang Digial Centre Co., Ltd. has first class engineer team composed of domestic and international members. They are well experienced in producing works of Canada, Japan, and Korea, etc. As a center for developing human resources for Hollywood VFX (special film production), they have launched out capable people not only to inside China but also overseas.

Partner Company

Eclipse Studio (North America) Representative work: “Avatar”
Mokko Studio (Canada)
Mounds FX(Canada), etc.

Overseas Specialist Lecturers

  • Mr.Anthony, a member of Mokko Studio, Canada, and has received Special Effects Award at the Academy Award. (Representative work “Spider Man”, “Toy Story”)
  • Mr.Martin, a member of Mounds FX. (Representative works, “Wolfman”, “A Perusian Prince”)
  • Mark, the CEO of Mounds FX.
  • Danny, the founder of Eclipse Studio, North America.

Representative Dramas and Animation Films

“Offering Flowers to a Beast”, “Imperial Harlem”, “Havoc over the Sky”, “Romaunt”, “Mini Friends”.