A leading provider of mobile information service, and also the largest advertisement service provider of MMS in China. Right now, they have Peking-Branch and Communication Technology Center (Shanghai)

They have strong connection with China Mobile Limited, China Telecom Corporation Limited, and China Unicom. They are also CP of animation and comics(manga) production management center. Therefore, they ensure a route to provide vast amount of animation films and comics(manga).

Ever since they were founded, they have been promoting the wireless marketing and sales. As a partner of China Mobile Ltd., they have a strong resource in the field of wireless marketing and hold a dominant position. As they have a well experienced team of wireless communication business management, they suggest a wireless marketing just right for the customer’s business system, and the work is managed efficiently. They make most of their business experience with well known companies such as McDonald, Nokia, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, providing the most professional sales services.